Night of the Lib knives – NSW election liveblog

7:17pm: 16.5% swing is a postwar record anywhere in Oz, apparently. Oh well, at least NSW Labor accomplished something in 16 years.

7:14pm: The interesting – well, relatively interesting – questions that remain are as follows. 1) Can Labor get its seat count into the teens? 2) Will the Greens win their first Lower House seat? 3) What about the Upper House? 4) Who are the Coalition MPs other than Barry O’Farrell, anyway? 5) If Pauline Hanson wins, who will join me in moving to peaceful, tolerant Queensland?

7:10pm: ABC computer now says 50-8. Since 47 was the magic number, that means game over. Will have to figure out exactly what that means for the sweep…

7:07pm: Barry O’Farrell has been great on Twitter all campaign, whereas @KKeneally hasn’t tweeted in two weeks. He just wrote “Finally found Eric – he’s on 9 Network’s election coverage!” We can conclude that if he’s got time to flip channels looking for Roozendaal, he’s feeling pretty confident at this point. So he should – ABC currently calling it 3-48.

7:05pm: @NSWLabor only bothered to tweet three times today. Speaks volumes, or rather, doesn’t speak volumes. They said “Only Labor will protect jobs and support families. O’Farrell will axe jobs and the services families rely on.” There are certainly a lot of jobs being axed as we speak.

7:03pm: My favorite tweet so far comes from @jason_a_w via @benpobjie – “If only NSW Labor had heeded my suggestion and used “Look – a Unicorn!” as their slogan…”

7:02: ABC News is currently updating us on Libya. A relatively peaceful conflict compared to what we’ve been watching.

7:00pm: Murrumbidgee’s gone National, folks. I wouldn’t even bother covering any National-held seat tonight, honestly.

6:57pm: “The computer is primed to make predictions,” says Kerry. I’d say Blind Freddie’s primed to make predictions about this poll. Pru Goward will be holding onto Goulburn, naturally. I assume Kerry only mentioned the seat to point out that once in a blue moon, former ABC journos do actually run for the Coalition.

6:55pm: The ABC website reports there are no TV monitors at KK’s election headquarters. I assume they have been avoiding all forms of media for months now – perhaps that’s why she’s been so absurdly optimistic?

6:54pm: The ABC tallyboard has this at 31-3. It’s more like a NSW State of Origin match than an election.

6:53pm: The Oz’s Samantha Maiden reports that “Eric Roozendal just declared Greens candidate in Marickville “quite mad” and Labor Party “eating itself” for last few years”. No better evidence of that than him topping the Upper House ticket, I’d argue.

6:50pm: Verity Firth is being cheerful and upbeat on her ABC cross despite rumoured impending doom. Frowns on the people behind her in the “Keep Verity” shirts though. Not much ecstacy in evidence tonight, then.

6:48pm: Whoa, this is big! Paul Howes is predicting Verity may come 3rd in Balmain.. Which, given he’s a huge supporter of hers, could imply she’ll come 8th.

6:45pm: Disastrously, Kerry has announced that since they called it at the start, they won’t be doing an official call. Which will take away the highlight of any election broadcast. Are they crazy? But let’s run the sweep from whenever the ABC computer gives it to the Coalition.

6:43pm: Current total on ABC computer 16-3. Um, to the Coalition, that is.

6:23pm: Someone on Twitter says “At 6:15 pm I’m calling the NSW election as Labour minority govt with Greens and some flaky religious mob, and maybe someone else.” But since his handle is @FuckingMorgan, I fear his analysis may not be entirely reliable.

6:16pm: A few people (including Andrew below) are suggesting John ‘Robbo’ Robertson might take over the ALP. That’s just what Labor needs to woo back voters – a former union headkicker.

6:11pm: It probably wasn’t the best use of their money, but Sky News have commissioned an exit poll that shows a 21% swing against Labor – 64/26 on a two-party preferred basis. Joe Tripodi says “there’s still hope”. Yes, since he’s retiring.

6:02pm: @PhilWillis asks who the new Opposition Leader will be – he’s predicting Verity Firth. She’s a strong performer, but she’ll have to get elected first. And her colleagues will have to be convinced to pick someone from the Left. Then again, given the job the Right’s done lately, it’s arguable.

6:00pm: Polls have closed, so I’m calling this for the Coalition. I’m pleased to say that I did so seconds before fellow loud-mouth, Joe Hildebrand. Eat my dust, Hildebrand.

5 Responses to Night of the Lib knives – NSW election liveblog

  1. Andrew 26 March 2011 at 5:10 pm #

    People are saying Robertson, but his electorate is no sure bet either…

  2. Stacey0 26 March 2011 at 5:19 pm #

    Verity has no chance. Really hope the same can be said for Robbo. Kinda hope KK manages to keep her seat then see if she keeps her promise to stay. Suffer.

  3. MrAndrewD 26 March 2011 at 5:24 pm #

    Joe Tripodi says “there’s still hope”.

    Is he commenting on Gods existence, or asking for divine intervention?

  4. Harriet Kemp 26 March 2011 at 5:48 pm #

    “At 6:15 pm I’m calling the NSW election as Labour minority govt with Greens and some flaky religious mob, and maybe someone else.”

    …Misspelling the word Labor also doesn’t do too much to help @FuckingMorgan’s credibility either!

  5. John or nh0jj0hn 26 March 2011 at 6:45 pm #

    Maybe you think I’m taking it too seriously Dom, but this is serious stuff… it’s going down to the wire me thinks.

    … not the election… just me getting your book for nix.

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