Dominic Knight was one of the excessively optimistic founding editors of The Chaser, a satirical newspaper launched in a tiny Glebe terrace in 1999. He became one of its destroyers in 2004 after the group belatedly acknowledged that the newspaper medium had died several years earlier.

Since then he’s been involved in most of the team’s projects in print, stage, radio, television and online, and only got arrested that one time.

In a bid for respectability, Dom began presenting Evenings on ABC Radio Sydney and across NSW and the ACT in 2012. He left in 2016, and, the following year, returned to disreputability with Radio Chaser on Triple M.

His first novel Disco Boy (2009) portrayed the career travails of a disaffected law graduate suspiciously like himself, and its successor Comrades (2010) delved into the grubby world of student politics. His third novel, Man vs Child, was released in 2013, and was also about someone depressingly like himself, a radio anchor who also works in comedy. The book was written as part of a Doctor of Arts degree at the University of Sydney.

In 2017, Dom released Strayapedia, a book devoted to the ironic and non-ironic celebration of his homeland. In 2018, he followed it with Trumpedia, which detailed many of the more bizarre scams involving the US president, such as his casinos, his vitamin pill business and his children. In 2019, he will release The Strayan Dictionary, an indispensible guide to speaking ocker language fully grousely.

Dom has also peddled various dubious opinions to the Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian,, Rolling Stone, Cleo, SBS Life, Daily Life and The Drum. Many of those articles can be found on this website.

He lives in Sydney with his wife, daughter, dog and neuroses.