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LinkedIn is the worst

Even LinkedIn’s slogan, “Connect to opportunity”, is nauseating. But it’s now worth so much that if everybody in Australia tipped in $1000, we’d still be $10 billion short.

If you haven’t used LinkedIn, imagine Facebook if every user had their boss looking over their shoulder the entire time, so that instead of sharing amusing distractions, they instead raved about their passion for generating shareholder value.

LinkedIn is like a school reunion with only the people you didn’t want to keep in touch with, boasting about their career accomplishments to try and make you feel inferior. It reads like the fake employee testimonials in a recruiting brochure. Continue Reading →

Naked Eye #2

The second instalment of my summer political column for the Sun-Herald. Barnaby Joyce and Stephen Fielding feature in this special wacky Senator edition.

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Naked Eye #1

I filled in on the Sun-Herald‘s political gossip column for four weeks over summer – not an easy thing to do when not much is happening! This one’s about the Copenhagen summit and Kevin Rudd’s Twitter, among other things.

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