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If Dick Cheney likes hunting, it must be wrong…

Hunting is barbaric. Pure and simple. It is an ugly relic of a departed empire, and has no place in modern society, like the practice of feeding Christians to the lions. (Although given the Christian right’s actions at the moment over abortion, the lion-feed option is sometimes tempting.) And as for the accident – well, Cheney’s fellow hunter deserves minimal sympathy. Occupational – or perhaps recreational – hazard.
But I do feel enormous sympathy for the poor quail.

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Being mean to Federline

While doing some research into the Britney Spears baby-on-lap incident this morning, I was hit by a sudden realisation. I haven’t taken enough time in my hectic daily life to sit back, relax, and laugh at Kevin Federline. Sure, I hissed and booed as he dumped his heavily pregnant wife for Britney. And I looked on with morbid fascination as the backup dancer married the star, got her pregnant in short order, and then featured in weekly stories about how they were about to break up because he wasn’t good to her.
But there’s so much less to the guy they call K-Fed than that. This morning, I got to meet one of the dumbest, vainest people on the planet.

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A column about beer

Aussie men love their beer. It’s second only to Bradman. (And now that it can be bought with a Talking Boony, it may even have sneaked into first place.) When it comes to drinking, bundy and Coke are probably second and third place on the dais, but beer is the undisputed champ.Read More »A column about beer

Flying the blokey skies

Groucho Marx once mentioned not wanting to join a club that would have him as a member. That witticism may never have been more appropriate than for the club I just signed up for, the LynxJet Mile High Club.
Inspired by a predictably popular article on this website, I joined up so I could visit the ‘exclusive’ lounge and experience the website’s cheesy titillation at full bore.
Just to blog about it, you understand. It’s an interesting sociological and business story. With breasts.

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A pokie in the eye for the big clubs

pokie.jpgIs there anyone less deserving of our sympathy than the big registered clubs who whinge about the pokie machine tax? Being forced to pay a large proportion of the funds they gouge from problem gamblers to the State Government that’s forced to deal with the huge social problems these clubs create is not unfair. It’s good policy. And given how much they whinge, it’s also quite good fun.

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The cartoon conundrum

Sometimes the clash of civilisations theory proposed by Samuel Huntington and debated in arts faculties around the world becomes all too real. Like today, for instance, when the Danish embassy in Beirut was torched, injuring hundreds. And the Western media, including two Fairfax-owned newspapers in New Zealand, are continuing to fan the flames by reprinting the cartoons in solidarity. All of which is why I think blogger Tim Blair is so brave for becoming the first person in the Australian media to reproduce the inflammatory cartoons this afternoon.

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Everything’’s cruisy at Club Mac Afloat

The chronic underfunding of Australian universities is something of a tragedy. But Macquarie University’s revenue-raising response, reported in the Herald this morning, is nothing short of hilarious. The university whose somewhat cruisy student lifestyle has led it to be dubbed ‘Club Mac’ has now decided to take it to the next level by giving courses aboard a cruise ship.

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The day you went away…

It’s time I stopped writing about affairs in the wider world, and used this blog as the confessional for indulging private concerns that is the trademark of blogging. Because there’s something I need to get off my chest. I am in an abusive relationship. And it doesn’t hurt any less just because it happens to be with my computer.

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A column about Thai restaurants

The statistic that a million Australians now live overseas is often quoted these days. And every Christmas, it seems like half of them return to Sydney to regale us of their exciting lives in New York, London and other exotic climes. But for all the amazing experiences they bore us with, like how they flew to Ibiza last weekend and hung out with Moby, or how nightclubs in London have so much better drugs than ours, there are some things they can’t get overseas.Read More »A column about Thai restaurants