Disaster Stories at the Sydney Fringe

I’m doing a comedy show. Late at night (with one early show). In a shipping container. Where I will tell largely autobiographical stories. For some inexplicable reason.

Ten years ago, while making a series called¬†CNNNN, Dominic Knight was arrested for “aiding and abetting offensive behaviour”.

As one of the founders of The Chaser, it’s an apt summary of his career.

(Nowadays he also presents Evenings on 702 ABC Sydney and writes novels in a belated bid for respectability.)

In an ill-advised act of contrition, Dominic will share this and other embarrassing stories from his frequently embarrassing life.

He’ll probably read them, to be honest. Yes, we said “read”. Hey, it works for David Sedaris.

Yes, we know Dominic’s not as good as David Sedaris.

Look, he’s just hoping he’s not booed off the stage, like he was at the Sydney University band comp. But that’s another story. Which he’ll also tell.

“Not everyone finds ABC’s Chaser Non Stop News Network team’s stunts all that funny, especially Burwood police.”
Sydney Morning Herald

Here’s the link to book tickets

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