Dressing for success at DIMIA

That fearless reformer Amanda Vanstone is at it again, this time tinkering with the dress code of the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs. What are her besieged staff likely to end up wearing?

  • Singlets, stubbies and thongs to introduce visitors to the real Australia. 15-1.
  • Just a bit of needle and thread across their mouths. 20-1.
  • White cloaks and hoods. 5000-1.
  • Modest shirt and tie. No need to go overboard. 12-1.
  • Dull grey suits, as a memento of Philip Ruddock’s time as minister. 10-1.
  • Wallaby tracksuits as a tribute to the PM. 5-1.
  • Inspired by the minister, something bright, floral and hideous. 3-2.

Dominic Knight

PS I am unwell today, having eaten a rice paper roll that disagreed with me fairly forcefully. Sorry I haven’t got a bigger update!