Hey, Alleged Enemy Combatant’s Dad!

Terry HicksTerry Hicks has controversially been nominated as Father of the Year by ACT Chief Minister Jon Stanhope. It’s made headlines around the world. It’s quite a sweet gesture, really – he’s certainly been tireless in sticking up for his kid. And someone has to, because the Australian Government has disgraced itself by comparison with the Brits, who have already gotten all their people out of there.
But completely trivialising that serious issue, who are the other contenders who’ve distinguished themselves over the last 12 months?

  • Tony Abbott – 4/1 (pending further DNA testing)
  • Brad Pitt – 8/1 (‘Most Overexposed’ subcategory)
  • Russell Crowe – 5000/1 (huge negative points for calling new baby Tennyson)
  • Michael from BB06 – 5/1 (in ‘Imaginary’ subcategory for Reuben)
  • Kevin Federline – 5/1 (on basis of quantity, not quality)
  • Shane Warne – 3/1 (on basis of an even bigger quantity, potentially over 1000)

And our tip for winner:

  • Hutton Gibson – 3/2 (still clearly his son Mel’s biggest influence)

Photo: David Mariuz