John Howard’s Perfect Ten

john_howard_smile.jpgEveryone’s reminiscing about John Howard’s ten glorious years of dominating Australian politics. Well, everyone except unions, students, refugees, Muslims, inner-city intellectuals, non-home owners, the National Party and other fringe groups that no-one cares about. So get yourself relaxed and comfortable as we look back at ten of the Man of Steel’s greatest achievements.

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1) In the wake of Port Arthur, removing some of the nation’s most dangerous guns, and then giving them to Trevor Flugge
2) Introducing the toughest code of ministerial conduct in Australian political history, and then ensuring none of his ministers actually had to keep to it
3) Providing hundreds of millions of dollars to boost the economy via trickledown from the dodgy government advertising sector
4) Achieving his vision of ‘practical reconciliation‘, where the Aborigines have had to reconcile themselves to their disadvantaged position in Australian society
5) Ensuring that unfairly dismissed workers received help from union employees, who were in the dole queues
6) Creating educational opportunities for disadvantaged students who society had previously deemed too dumb to buy a degree
7) Fighting the war in Iraq – on both sides
8) Liberating East Timor from genocide, and then most of its oil
9) Finishing the bigoted Pauline Hanson as a political force by adopting her policies
10) Defending Australia from the threat of Peter Costello becoming PM
Dominic Knight

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