2020 + Strayan Dictionary + Trumpedia!.

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Dominic Knight’s double dictionary combo – Strayan Dictionary and the new 2020 Dictionary!

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Get The 2020 Dictionary, the best book yet (also the only book yet, I think) about the worst year – AND my 2019 guide to Australia’s beaut language, The Strayan Dictionary!

!!! Order for Christmas 2020 and I’ll throw in a Trumpedia from 2018 too !!!

It’s a perfect Christmas for anyone who wants to look back on the utter horrorshow of this year, and revel in the timeless fair dinkum grouseness of Australian English.

Here are the details of the new book:

2020 sucked. It’s been a year of bushfires, floods, a recession, a global pandemic and Kanye West’s presidential campaign. But it was also the year we all watched Hamilton, baked sourdough, had dinner parties on Zoom and drank constantly – okay, so maybe that wasn’t such a great thing either.

Amid the non-stop trauma, however, it’s been a year of togetherness and community spirit – though mostly trauma. But as we limp towards 2021, it’s time to look back at it all, and laugh. Because at least we all suffered through this year together. Not literally together – that was generally illegal. But we were side by side in our bubbles, all going through the same thing.

The 2020 Dictionary is an invaluable record of all we learned in the year the world turned to sh*t, helpfully collected in alphabetical order, with jokes where appropriate, as well as in some places where they probably aren’t.