COMBO – Strayan Dictionary + Strayapedia + Trumpedia

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This combo contains ALL THREE of my recent satirical reference books!

The brand new Strayan Dictionary defines indispensable ocker terms like ‘Quiet Australians‘, ‘drongo‘, ‘Albo‘, ‘Chiko Roll‘ and both the Big Kevs, while Strayapedia tells the the unlikely story of Vegemite‘s success and the magnificent invention of cask wine, as well as profiling fascinating subjects like Don Bradman, Bob Hawke and Kylie Minogue as well as less fascinating ones like, ahem, Canberra.

Heading across the Pacific, Trumpedia not only offers a guide to the fascinating world of Donald Trump, his family and colleagues (mostly fired by now), but explores some of the more bizarre businesses the president has set up over many years, from Trump University to his absurdly expensive Taj Mahal casino to the airline that genuinely offered golden toilets to the Trump-branded pee sticks that I promise are truly a thing that actually existed.

All books will be signed and sent by Express Post!