COMBO – Strayan Dictionary + Strayapedia

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Signed copies of Strayapedia and The Strayan Dictionary!

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Get signed copies of both of my grouse ocker books about Australia – the perfect Christmas gift for everyone from a toff to a bogan!

Strayapedia is a parody of Wikipedia, with entries on everything from Bob Hawke to Don Bradman and Vegemite to Canberra, while the brand-new The Strayan Dictionary covers everything from A.AAARDVARK to Zuytdorp, the last place in the Australia Post database, along with the likes of drongo, ScoMo, arvo and of course avo

This combo is perfect for everyone from a lifelong Strayan to a new arrival still trying to work out the difference between a drongo and a dunny.

All books will be signed and sent by Express Post