The anti-Semite doesn’t fall far from the tree…

A contrite Mel Gibson has asked the Jewish community to help him heal both his hate-filled mind and his massive PR problem. He said “I am in the process of understanding where those vicious words came from during that drunken display”. But I’m not sure the Anti-Defamation League necessarily needs to put a lot of time into helping him figure out the source. I’ve got a few thoughts, as a matter of fact. And so does Mel’s Dad, Hutton Gibson. Here are some of them.

An overview excerpted from his Dad’s Wikipedia

Many of Hutton Gibson’s beliefs and actions, including his promulgation of Holocaust revisionist theories, his association with known Holocaust revisionists and his contention that malevolent Jewish conspiracies exist within the Catholic Church and around the world, are consistent with traditional anti-Semitism. When Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (prior to becoming Pope) stated that, although Judaism did not accept Jesus, it was nevertheless the “elder brother” of Christianity, Gibson observed that Abel also had an elder brother. [5]

Echoing the claims of numerous other Holocaust deniers, he questions aspects of the Jewish Holocaust, especially the commonly accepted statistic that between five million to seven million Jews were killed, arguing that it would have been impossible for the Nazis to have disposed of so many bodies.[6] He further claims that most of the Holocaust was “fiction,” [6] that the thousands of Jews who disappeared from Poland during World War II “got up and left”,[6] and that census statistics prove there were more Jews in Europe after World War II than before (a claim that is disputed by mainstream historians).[7] In support of his father, Mel Gibson claims that his father’s beliefs do not amount to Holocaust denial. (Mel Gibson also says that he will not speak out publicly against his father.)

Hutton Gibson publishes a quarterly newsletter called The War is Now! in which he details many of his views.

From a
story from The Age in 2004:

A week before the United States release of Mel Gibson’s controversial movie, The Passion of the Christ, the filmmaker’s father has repeated claims the Holocaust was exaggerated.

Hutton Gibson’s comments, made in a telephone interview with New York radio talk show host Steve Feuerstein, come at an awkward time for the actor-director who has been trying to deflect criticism from Jewish groups that his film might inflame anti-Semitic sentiment.

In his interview on WSNR radio’s Speak Your Piece, to be broadcast on Monday, Hutton Gibson, argued that many European Jews counted as death camp victims of the Nazi regime had in fact fled to countries like Australia and the United States.

“It’s all — maybe not all fiction — but most of it is,” he said, adding that the gas chambers and crematoria at camps like Auschwitz would not have been capable of exterminating so many people.

“Do you know what it takes to get rid of a dead body? To cremate it?” he said. “It takes a litre of petrol and 20 minutes. Now, six million of them? They (the Germans) did not have the gas to do it. That’s why they lost the war.”

And here are a few more juicy quotes from Hutton Gibson in the
interview with Feuerstein:

Regarding the gas chamber, the gas was going the wrong way. You see it was going down instead of up….

I don’t know what their (the Jews) agenda is except that it’s all about control. They’re after one world religion and one world government. That’s why they’ve attacked the Catholic Church so strongly, to ultimately take control over it by their doctrine and make one world religion and one world government.

They are the people with an eye for eye and tooth for a tooth. They must have revenge. You know they (the Jews) caused the Roman persecutions too. They called attention to the fact that the Christians were refusing to offer incense to the emperors when the emperors became gods. The Jews were notable for getting the wood to burn the Christians…a labor of love you could say.

They cannot admit that they were wrong. They have been at it for all of history. Is the Jew still actively anti-Christian – He is, for by being a Jew, he is anti everyone else.

The foreign bankers who run the international reserve like the Rothchilds and their allies in this country like the Rockerfellers who were Jews and others who own the money.

There are too many survivors. It’s just a gimmick to collect money. They have to go where there is money… They have so much influence in the banks for instance They all look out for one another you got to give them that. They are at the same time willing to sacrifice a few of theirs if it helps… Why all the reparations? It’s an irresistible chance to make money. All those Holocaust museums put up at our expense with our tax payer dollars.

This final quote from the BBC isn’t about Jews, but it’s so out there that it’s worth including anyway:

Hutton Gibson is a Holocaust denier and has also made the claim that the 11 September tragedy was not the work of Al Qaeda and the planes “were crashed by remote control”

So, where does Mel’s issue with Jews come from? I really hope he manages to somehow figure that out.

Dominic Knight

Photo: Kylie Melinda Smith

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