The Sabrina scam – exposed!

Regular visitors to this site will know that my recent post about Miss World Australia Sabrina Houssami – and beauty pageants in general – has sparked a massive number of replies in her defence. Well, I discovered almost all of them were posted from the same computer. This amounts to a bizarrely massive effort to dupe the readers of this blog into thinking that there was a groundswell of support in her favour. And I’m so flattered that I really feel we should do this enormous effort justice. So I’ve compiled a huge list of every single bogus post. Glance through and marvel at the ingenuity and sheer misguidedness of whoever bothered to do this.

For those who aren’t geeks – all these posts have come from the one IP address. An IP address is assigned to every internet connection. So these posts have all come from either the same physical computer, or the same wireless network or something. The writer also made one post about her to the Chaser website (look under “Patricia Watson”).

I wouldn’t normally have bothered with this, but the sheer scale of it is remarkable. Someone has devoted literally hours – and an astonishing 3500 words – to trying to manipulate public opinion on this site. I know we’re all an awesome bunch of people here, but let’s face it – this site isn’t exactly hugely influential.

Looking over them as a literary body of work, if you will, I realise I should have twigged earlier. There are certain common features:

  • occasional errors in spelling and grammar
  • quaint tone of voice – eg “that stunning angel face lady”
  • constant use of “Miss Houssami”, which is unusually formal
  • way, way too much information about Sabrina

This last point is what really makes me wonder.

Let’s not necessarily assume these messages come from Sabrina herself, though. For one thing, she probably doesn’t have this much time on her hands what with being a student, Miss World Australia, a member of Mensa and all that.

Now, without any further ado, please marvel at the enormous effort put in by a staunch defender of the reigning Miss World Australia. It was so nearly a successful scam. Well, except in terms of changing anyone’s mind. But I certainly thought an army of rabid Sabrinaites had hijacked the page – not just one incredibly hardcore one.

Oh, and just for the record, I’m not in the least bit annoyed by this – I think it’s brilliant! But I will be more vigilant about IP addresses in future.

Dominic Knight


If you had the right info, you would know that the internet IQ test she took was last year & sat for the MENSA test about 6 weeks.

Do your homework before you presume.

Alisha again

Mr. Knight,

I am amazed at your pointing fingers at a young woman who is nothing but class. It seems you have too much time but nothing worthwhile to utilise it.

Well, let me give you a few ideas that might get you busy…

1) Big Brother… a prime time TV show that only spreads immorality & sleeze.

2) Smart people can have fun too…

3) Beauty & Brain… God gave all of us both these attributes, but unfortunately, there are only very few who can use both.

4) Australia’s multicultural society & its contribution in shaping of this great nation.

Hope thes will help you realise your true potential & flair for writing something worthwhile.

Have a great day.

Brent Luke Maguire

Although I understand what Mr. Knight was trying to say I must point to him that this New beauty queen is changing the concept of beauty pageants.

When we see an astonishing pretty young woman showing that a woman doesn’t have to be a stereotype limbo to win a pageant and that she can be in fact be an ultra intelligent talent AND a very active Charity worker (sabrina has raised more than $60 000)in her work to help the sick and needy children.

More importantly, Sabrina is setting an example for young women that being blessed with external beauty isn’t an achievement, it’s a GOD’s gift, and that it should be followed by hard work and study and helping the society.

This marvelous young lady is really impressing me with her role as a new icon for young Australians.

She has won MENSA membership, is an accomplished Red Cross ambassador,a champion debator, a speech motivator at NSW public schools and a uniting young leader in a society that needs many like her to form its evolutions among the world’s nations… and yet, she has just sompleted her 19 years of life.

I truly feel that responsible journalism, and Mr. Knight is admitably a leading member of it, must play the needed supportive role to stand behind upcoming young leaders like Sabrina.

She needs to read different words from you and us Mr. Knight !!

Sarah – this is a cracker – how contrived is it?! “I now remember her name…”

Mr. Knight,

I read your article just hours after I came back from a charity function to help a critically ill child who needed financial support to have a major operation.

happily, the charity was able to raise the money needed on the night.

I now remember that stunning angel face lady who came to my table asking for my support.

I have obliged and did what I could and was left stunned with her grace and angelic smile.

I now remember her name: Miss world Australia Sabrina Houssami…

Should I say anymore mr. Knight ??

Amanda – plays the race card, if not the spelling card

Sad to see some racial remarks slipping into this forum in an attempt to undermine Sabrina’s Success.

Jealousy can blind some sower loosers and all I can say while Sabrina is continuing her impressive campaign and charity work here we see some bitter losers coming to srop few lines of hatred.

Go Sabrina…. Don’t look behind.

Go Australia.

Proud Aussie

She is a great ambassador to Australia.

I have no doubt that she will do very well for our great country.

what an amazing new style beauty queen.


Brain and beauty … and a BIG heart.

This young lass has them all.

I understand why some youngsters envy her; but this should not turn into bitterness.

sabrina is going to Poland to represent ALL OF US and we must show our true values by voting for her and supporting her strongly.

after all …. she is MISS WORLD AUSTRALIA and that’s how the world look at her now.

wondering amy

So this Girl’s fault is that, despite being intelligent and beautiful, she entered the Miss australia beauty pageant !!!

What is wrong with that ????

If she found that this is a way to achieve her aims in doing charity work and winning the title and becoming a famous person, What on hell is wrong with this???

We should be encouraging our youngsters to become active like this instead of dishing them like they are doing something wrong !!


By far the best Aussie beauty queen ever.

I hope she will bring home the world’s crown.

I want to see what more stories they will make up here then -)))))


Very Impressive Young Lass.

Turning a beauty contest into a more interesting event.

My Vote is surely for her.


Miss Houssami is doing a wonderful job and is a great ambassador to our nation.

We should all give her our support instead of just saying “she is intellingent, she is beautiful, so why she entered the beauty competetion!!!”.

What a logic.

well done Miss world Australia organisation for this more than perfect choice.


New Fundraising Records achieved by Sabrina Houssami !!!

this is the latest news coming from MWA organisation circles who are thrilled with this superb Charity worker.

As if Miss Houssami needed more scores to add to her outstanding achievements !!

Well done Sabrina …. you are the pride of our nation +++++


When brains, beauty collide

SABRINA Houssami is a beauty queen with a difference. Australia’s Miss World entrant has just been accepted by Mensa, which claims to be for those in the top 1 per cent for intelligence.

The university student, 19, says she is more interested in helping charity than trading on her looks.

Ms Houssami says she is keen to break down stereotypes about beauty pageants, in particular Miss World.

“Every contestant is not an airhead,” she says. “We are very strong-willed, smart women; more ambassadors than typical beauty pageant queens.”

Smily Anne

Emmmmm ….. Never before an Australian beauty queen has won so much media coverage and publicity. I wonder why this time only Things have changed !!

Is it because Sabrina is “different” in a way from the others ?? and I don’t want to elaborate on what “different” here really means, or is it because of her success and unusual active style specially in Charity??

I agree with someone on this forum that it is Like that moment in the zombie movie where the couple are kissing in the car, and suddenly you’re aware that dozens of the Undead are converging from out of the bushes … but surely these are her few critics and not her supporters.


Dodgy thinking is more dangerous …


The Sydney’s Observer is out today with a lovely giant photo of Miss Houssami on its front cover plus 3 more pages inside under the heading (This is Australia).

The article is full of praise and support for the charming new face of Australia.

two more northern beaches magazines have published front cover photos and coverage for Miss Houssami with wonderful editorials and support.

It is really lovely to see the northern region coming strongly to pledge their support for Miss Houssami.

This is really true blue Australian.


Hey , Flatbag … since you are telling us that your boss is “more competent than any male” and we believe you -))) It is about time that he should reward you with a promotion in return, isn’t ??

You don’t need IQ or intelligence or anything like that. Your thoughts and class show you can be talented in other fields -)))

Say hello to your boss (wink).


In reply to your comments…

1)The girl from Manly – pulled out of the contest last year at a state level cos she did not win Miss NSW, even though she was offered a place in the national final. Now she is back claiming she should have been considered this time around!! She forfeited her chance. Now that’s illogical!

2)Get your facts right about Mensa – it is not an internet test. It is an international society that tests potential members via an in-person, supervised test session that can only be sat for once in a lifetime. You can visit their website at for more information.

3)I’ve read in numerous interviews that Sabrina is studying Liberal STUDIES, which is a 4 year course that is a precursor to overseas medicine and law degrees. Sounds smart to me.

4)If you look up the Miss World Australia website, the 2007 contest is currently taking place at the fundamental regional level. Anyone interested in raising funds or entering can do so, right now. No missed opportunities for anyone, then!

Lost freedom

DOM, the moderator of this forum, has now showed his true colors by allowing this last dirty message or he wrote it himself.

Freedom of expression is lost here and DOM is a party to this debate.

We shall remember this forever…Thanks


What is this garbage now ??

Where is the Mr. Dominic knight who is screening this board !!!


this catfight here clearly reflects the style of a girl or two who are still finding it hard to accept losing in a sportmanship way, instead they took their bitterness to the media and again they lost and Miss Houssami was endorsed by Miss World Headquarter.

Now they have nothing to do except going to various internet forums and bitching around.

They are not interested in charity or anything of this nature. It is a story of “me or no-one else”.

This is sad and un-Australian.

Get over it girls. Enough rubbish.


While Sabrina continues her rise to fame and is all over the front covers of Australian and world magazines and is working like a busy bee in fundraising and charity functions we see the losing girl spending all her time on the internet spreading rumours and saying the wrong thing.

Using different names in her postings to give the impression of public uproar -))) doesn’t work and “true blue Aussie” is the last handle she should be using.

Get off the PC girl and find a job or something !!!


Seems that this argument has no end.

Life has to carry on with or without these girls on the forum here.

A lot of spiteful girls for and against.

sounds more like loosers taking their dissapointment to the web.


I cracked up when I read this last posting pretending to be a married man and from Adelaide, special the “very very unprofessional’ side of it.

secondly Sabrina never called anyone bitch and bimbo, actually everyone who knows her talk of her extreme politeness.

I don’t know why you are fabricating these lies, specially the poll side of it.

The whole world is praising this new Miss Australia and one bored loser (or two) are spending their time on the internet trying to dish her !! This is lame.


I saw Sabrina at a charity function last week and I thought she was graceful in her speech and class.

reading what some are writing here I can now understand why the Miss world Organisation selected her outright.


Looks like the wonderful Melanie Freeman who is from Manly has lost her nerves completely.

Regret to read her language and see her frustration.

signs of the end of the trip.

Hope she will give up now and stop her drama and croc tears.


Miss Houssami is undoubtly of different quality to these bloggers. She’s in the press on daily basis and you can tell her class.

Dominic has raised some points in his article and they should have discussed here, instead some very upset girl or girls are turning this board into a personal hatred issues.


I think they should let these sour kids run in some sort of competetion again.

At least hey will get off this forum and do something useful.

Erghhhhhh ……. Snake bites alright.


From a cheerleader to a gangleader; How sad!!


Sabrina is different quality to all these here, everybody knows that, even her critis, therefore it is no surprise to read some of the insults here.

Did anyone say Bimbos ?


Mr. Dom,

only one question in my mind: what is wrong if an intelligent female enters a beauty pageant if she feels that she can achieve things this way ??

you were criticising skin shallows and I agree, but you are still unhappy if a brainy girl participates ??

Are you suggesting that no one should be part of beauty pageants ???

I believe that young Australians should be encouraged to compete and be involved in Charity and humanitarian work …. and yes catwalk , what is wrong with that ??

I think Miss World Australia did a great job this year and they have chosen a queen with different image to project to our youngsters … not like the other competetion’s nude example.


It is so ugly that the hatred and bitterness of some came to a stage where they want us to vote for Miss equador instead of Miss Australia !!

I was against sending our troops to Iraq, but once they were there I am standing behind them to the end.

No matter what happened here, my vote will go to Miss Australia and no one else.


I think Sabrina Houssami is an inspiration young woman. The work she does for charity is absolutely phenominal.

ask the cancer kids of NSW, they will give you better opinion than few jealous girls here.


I see, so now because she did not win, True blue Aussie or Michael or whatever handle she keeps on changing, wants us to vote for Miss Equador instead of miss Australia !!!

True blue Aussie you said ?


Here we have an intellectual representing Australia on world stage, a beauty queen qualified as the top 1% on this planet’s intelligent …

On the other hand we have a school leaver and a cheerleader who want to do her job.

Where do we go ?????????


Oh well….. that’s it.

It’s all over now.

They want us to vote Equador against Australia !!

Really the debate is over for me now.


Oh my God, what a bunch of losers.

Go and get a life girls.


I highly respect your editorial DOM and agree with almost all of it.

I only like to add that the best way for our nation to avoid seeing ugly tragic scenes in its street is not to take side in a very unfair conflict in the middle east.

If we can not help or fix the problems then at least stay out of it and keep our image clean and not follow George Bush blindly in his crazy policy.


Sabrina Houssami is known to be top writer in english and this is her major smarty.

It is people like you and the other kids who are having a war here and making this whole issue look so ugly.

DOM should close this subject and throw you all out.


I saw Miss Houssami before she won Miss world Australia at the young Australian of the year award night as she was nominated by Bankstown council.

I knew then that I was looking at an outstanding kid.

Today,I feel I was right and I really expect big things from her.

Well done young lady.


She is out there earning fame and success and few bitter girls sitting here all days and nights trying to dish her.

her only fault is that she is toooooo good for them and the organisers saw that too.

I want to see what will happen to them if she wins Miss world or if she does well in Poland?

Few heart attacks maybe (wink).


Listen to this Mel fellow (or lass):

“Miss World Australia organisers handed the title to Sabrina on a platter, she should suffer the consequences.”

now that is logic, isn’t ???

well done Mel.


The countdown has started for Miss world final, check this:

Go Australia.


This is a wonderful shot for the stunning Miss world Australia:

I am sure she will do very well in Europe for us.


I read about the Australian girl named Sabrina Houssami who represents her country in this year’s Miss World. Damn gorgeous she is. And she’s a member of MENSA, a group of people whose IQ is exceptional (and only 2% of the world’s population are MENSA members, mind you). So, beauty with brains, huh? Phew, a tough combination. Usually we hear:

pretty + hot body + sexy = DUMB

ugly + fat + geeky = INTELLIGENT

but this one is like, pretty + hot body + sexy + not geeky = EXTREMELY INTELLIGENT.

which reminds me of Natalie Portman and Queen Rania of Jordan. Both very beautiful people, and both very bright. Natalie Portman went to Harvard. Queen Rania worked at Apple Computer.

Where can I find my dream woman who’s quite like all these people? I’m not asking her to be a MENSA member, because that makes her become out of my league. And being more stupid than your girlfriend sucks.

This is Sabrina Houssami. Please, after looking at her photos, take some tissues and wipe that saliva on your keyboard. No use drooling over her, she’s out of your league.


yes DOM, why???


What a stunner:



This huge interest in thic topis is obviously because of that manly’s girl insistance on creating negative media for Miss world Australia organisation after her dismayal loss last year.

She tried last year and did not make the grade as everyone knows, so why is she coming back now and spending her life on the internet chasing any forum where she can release her frustration and spread her lies and poisonous comments ?


not only snake bites and croc tears but also lies and lies and lies.

Sabrina is a full member of Mensa and you can look up her Mensa certificate displayed on Miss world Australia site:

The internet test the bitter loser is referring to here is a much earlier test taken by Sabrina when she was much younger.

This shows you once again how bitter, missleading and defeated these false claimers (or single claimer I really should say) are.


Last year, Miss Houssami won the titles of Miss Bankstown, Miss NSW and then was first runner up to Miss Australia when many thought that she should have won that title as well.

Showing a rare dedication to her belief, and instead of complaining and crying over that loss, Miss Houssami continued her charity work and kept on working hard improving her already impressive tally of achievements until she was selected as the New Miss Australia.

On the otherside, her newly born critics, some who have pulled out of the competetion last year because they did not win (examine closely this attitude) have vanished completely and lost interest in charity and social work ….. and then suddenly, after Miss Houssami was selected, started their smear campaign trying to get to the new queen.

They went to the press shedding crocodile tears and even made up lies on few internet forums to support their story.

It doesn’t take an Einshtein to see the difference in class and attitude between Miss Houssami and her born again critics.

Dom has raised some worthy points in his article and I agree with most of his view and the discussions here should have focused on this, but unfortunately the losing pack took advantage of the freedom of expression on this board to launch yet another ugly campaign full of lies and made-up stories.

At this point I finally bothered to look at the IP addresses, and commented on it – and they stopped. For now.

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