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Hey y’all. Sorry to distract you from the terribly important Sabrina Houssami debate, but I need your help. I’m writing an article for the print edition of Radar about people who spend their work days online blogging and commenting. Click on if you can help me. Or wish to jeer, of course; or defend the honour of a Lebanese-Indian-Australian beauty queen.

Firstly, this is completely anonymous – we don’t anyone to get justifiably sacked for buggering around on the internet all day. Please either post a public comment in response, or email radar -at- chaser dotcom dotau and I’ll fish your email out from the deluge of spam.

Some of the questions you might like to answer are:

1) How much time do you spend mucking around on the internet at work? Do you do so every day?

2) What sites do you visit regularly?

3) Do you have your own blog? What’s its address?

4) Do your workmates know that you do this? Does your boss? Have you ever been busted?

5) Has your workplace tried to restrict internet use?

6) Do you know anyone else who’s a hardcore addict, and have you got any good stories about them?

7) When you’re on holidays, do you still visit the same sites?

8) What makes a site addictive?

9) Why do you do it?

10) Why does Sian do it? (Special bonus question)

But don’t be restricted to these questions: any interesting facts or anecdotes would be much appreciated, especially if you’re a regular here.



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